[Zombies] Nuclear Bomb (Radio Edit)?

Christopher Miller christopher.jon.miller at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 12:11:18 PST 2018

Another thing I've been working on is tracking down the outtakes and
compilation-only Jack/MBM tracks I didn't have for whatever reason. I think
I spent about a day scrutinizing all of the entries on Discogs trying to
figure out what I had overlooked.

One item of interest is something Matt Fruits and I both found:


Les Editions Confidentielles is the publishing company Jack previously used
for his compositions, and the above was one of the many samplers they put
out in the 90s. I was curious about the 3:44 track duration for "Nuclear
Bomb", so I shelled out the money plus overseas shipping on a hunch.

I can definitely say that this version of "Nuclear Bomb" is exclusive to
this release. In fact, I would bet money that this is the radio edit from
the aborted single. Take a listen (from Matt's invaluable YouTube page):


I'm not on social media, but I imagine some of you are probably also on the
Facebook version of Zombies. I think Matt may have posted something there
about it already, but  I wanted to share it here as well.

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