[Zombies] Electronic Sound - Issue 38

Paul Lloyd aeonflow at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 04:45:12 PST 2018

The new edition of Electronic Sound magazine has just been announced and it
includes an article on Jack Dangers and MBM. The summary reads:

*"The appearance of the affordable Akai sampler towards the end of the
1980s enabled Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto to launch his
extraordinary debut album, ‘Storm The Studio’. A double vinyl outing, with
four tracks, one per side, each reworked several times, it was a powerful
and virtuoso display of fearless studio experimentation which helped set
the tone for the 1990s underground electronic music scene. Nearly 30 years
later, Jack talks to us about his latest album under the MBM banner.**"*

And a bit further down I noticed it also says:

*"And of course our resident columnists, Jack Dangers, Kris Needs and Fat
Roland, make an appearance."*

Interesting. My copy is on order.

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