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sweet! sounds awesome, love the concept.

> In 1960, a two-person bathyscaphe (“deep boat”) named Trieste reached a
> record maximum depth in the deepest known part of the Earth’s oceans, the
> Challenger Deep, in the Mariana Trench near Guam. The five hour descent
> was
> made possible by the earth’s gravitational pull on nine tons of lead shot,
> while the three hour ascent was aided by a balloon filled with gasoline.
>  Only James Cameron has returned to the Challenger Deep, and is allegedly
> in production of a film of the journey. Dangers’ composition honoring this
> journey is the product of years of work, featuring super slowed down tape
> manipulations of anlog sythesizers (often 30x as slow), bounced from
> machine to machine to achieve the appropriate soundtrack for a vessel on
> an
> exploratory journey into uncharted depths under massive amounts of
> physical
> pressure.  Jack’s intention was to create music from a mysterious world
> which mixed at the bottom of the Mariana trench at the Challenger Deep
> Bedroom Quilt Studio. The disc comes with CD-ROM content of 35 minutes of
> video footage edited and set to music by Jack Dangers.
> *tracklist:*
>    1. Blast Off
>    2. Epipelagic Zone
>    3. Mesopelagic Zone
>    <https://soundcloud.com/primary-numbers/jack-dangers-mesopelagic-zone>
>    4. Bathypelagic Zone
>    5. Abyssopelagic Zone
>    6. Hadalpelagic Zone
>    7. Resurfce
> More info at http://primary-numbers.com
> Orders being taken now at http://brainwashed.com/commerce.html
> thanks!
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