[Zombies] new mix

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Mon Jan 16 09:16:36 PST 2012

got around to uploading a mix from a gig last month with hatcha and
n-type, everyone should recognize some of these characters in the
tracklist :)


Meat Beat Manifesto - No Zero/Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo
Jack Dixon and Robin Card - Adrian
Justin Ivey - Darkness Of Doubt
Extrawelt - Der Dicke Mann Von Nebenan
Bass Kittens - Hands In The Air
Bass Kittens - Air Quotes
Bass Kittens - Robotique
Emika - Professional Loving (Original Mix)
Justin Ivey - Inside
Audiovoid - Smear Your Mind
Planetary Assault Systems - Beauty In The Fear
Extrawelt - Unter Tage
Justin Ivey - Outvamp
Untold - Fly Girls
Jack Dixon and Robin Card - Keith
Justin Ivey - Rusted Tanker
Trevino - Chip
Audiovoid - Disconnect Yourself
Justin Ivey - Low Flying Alpha
Instramental - Pyramid
The JD's - Into The World
Audiovoid - Re-process

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