[Zombies] Samples (Version Galore part 48) SPECIAL HALLOWE'EN EDITION!

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Tue Sep 27 05:18:48 PDT 2011

Well, the process by which I identify samples generally is a little scattershot. A lot of the time it is just myself, Google, Youtube, and a hunch. I pick up clues via web searches and narrow it down. In this case, I knew some of the films and IMDB has a keyword search for films with exploding heads.
 And gore hounds collect these kind of films, so it's easy to lurk on a horror forum site and figure it out.

 You'd be surprised how many films out there have exploding heads!



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 Man that is an amazingly detailed list! Can you describe to me the process you use to identify all those movies from just a few frames in the video?! Is there a video search engine out there that takes images as input and outputs movie titles? I'm envisioning something like Shazam that takes audio samples from a song and tells you the artist/song. - Eric
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