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Jojo Mayer the re volutionary drummer. A friend Guy Licata turned me on to him and his project at the time, Boomish. just a floor tom for kick drum and miniature drums and multiple snares to simulate drum and bass samples of sped up funk grooves. Live bass guitar but processed crazy. basically they would pull off drum and bass but live...I saw them as pioneers of the style . I was totally taken by the fact that we were listening to live music simulating electronic music which was created by manipulating live music . the club was Shine ,NYC

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	Etienne-Jules Marey

	“Bienvenue”, 1895

	This is actually a flipbook

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video




	Wilhelm Friedrich Philipp Pfeffer

	Cinematographic Studies on Impatiens, Vicia, Tulipa, Mimosa and Desmodium by W. Pfeffer (Kinematographische Studien an Impatiens, Vicia, Tulipa, Mimosa und Desmodium von W. Pfeffer) (1898-1900)

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video




	Fred Ott’s Sneeze (Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze) (1894), January 7, 1894

	This was the first motion picture to be copyrighted

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video




	Film of zoetropes, phenakistoscopes, and praxinoscopes

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video


	A Trip Through Market Street from 8th St. to the Ferry (1906), April 11, 1906

	Filmed by the Miles Brothers a week before The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the biggest natural disaster in California history.  Thousands died in the quake meaning many of the people pictured in the film would have been dead a week later.  Creepy eh?

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video







	Newsreel footage of the The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake aftermath

	sampled in the visuals for the “Waterphone” video

	http://www.archive.org/details/tmp_50168 @7:29



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