[Zombies] Thread

Jon Whitney turbid at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 07:25:35 PDT 2011


Don't know if anybody read the news I posted on Brainwashed.com
earlier this week but James Izzo (Thread) passed away in his sleep
last week.

I have uploaded a few tidbits to the Brainwashed Soundcloud page at
http://soundcloud.com/brainwashedcom including both remixes from the
7" I released of his Coil remixes, the Bowery Electric remix he did
which was included on "Brain in The Wire," as well as an unreleased
Meat Beat Manifesto remix, and an unreleased Pan Sonic remix.

If anybody has an MP3 blog (or knows an appropriate one) I'd be
willing to rip and upload his "free EP" that he gave away in 1999,
"The Automated Hygenist," which Mark Weddle reviewed back in the old
Brainwashed version: http://brainwashed.com/brain/brainv02i38.html

Hope you enjoy.


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