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Some of the more interesting pioneers of video sampling

TV Sheriff

Although to be honest, video sampling has existed as long as there has 
been photographic film and razor blades, which means that it's actually 
older than audio sampling since film technology predates magnetic tape 
which lead to musique concrete and eventually to the modern audio 
sampling that we know today.

Nam June Paik - Beatles Electronique (1966)

Much in the same way that people think audio sampling started in the 
80's, but was done much earlier by the pioneers of musique concrete 
back in the 1940's.  The earliest example of audio sampling that I know 
is Paul Boisselet's "Symphonie Rouge / Symphonie Jaune" made in 1947.

So don't be discouraged about feeling old, people have been doing this 
for a long, long time.  There are many grandfathers.



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You are welcome to my collection of EBN 

Additionally, anyone ever hear of Eclectic Method? 
"Eclectic Method’s live, improvised audiovisual mash-up sets feature 
television, film, music and video game footage sliced and diced into a 
blistering post-modern dance floor extravaganza."

I did a gig they were playing and as we were setting up and patching 
their video sampler
I referred to EBN. Their manager guy said "Yeah, they're like the 
GRANDFATHERS of what we do" ! WOW did I feel old!
punk. lol They actually did cool stuff, and you can clearly see EBN is 
an influence, especially 45:30 - 48ish of this vid:
I find it funny too that their "logo" is a recycling arrorw-triangle. 
hmmmm I could swear I've seen that before ;)

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 1:33 AM, adjust <adjust at rematter.com> 

anyway, he also gave me a VHS tape that had every EBN video work on it, 
and of course i ended up loaning that tape to someone over the years and
it never came back... argh.

> I agree-Telecommunication Breakdown is genius! Remember the disc 
that came
> with interactive add-ons?
> On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 8:06 AM, Brian Conner 
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> wrote:
>> I can't express enough my love for Telecommunication 
Breakdown. It's
>> such a
>> great piece of work. Sampling mastery at its best. They're 
earlier stuff
>> was
>> rather rigid; straight repitition with some overload and chaos 
>> in.
>> But Telecommunication Breakdown brought the layered depth of 
>> with
>> the majority from news broadcasts, interviews and commercial 
>> thematically used to create subject matter about TV 
brainwashing the
>> public.
>> It is simply genius!
>> Favs: Zen state, 3:7:8 -> beginning of the end
>> On Jan 21, 2011 12:17 AM, "adjust" <adjust at rematter.com> 
>> what was jack's official role in the EBN productions? did he 
do all of
>> the
>> beats? or have i inflated his contributions in my mind over 
the years...
>> i always assumed he was the ghost producer for the music and 
it was all
>> him, while gardner and josh were the video/conceptual guys and 
owned the
>> brand if you will...
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