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Fri Jan 21 22:33:28 PST 2011

there was the e-cd component of the actual cd, and i'm looking at the 3.5"
floppy disk that also came with it right now :)

i met gardner at a dj spooky show in detroit back around '98/'99, he was
doing the video mixing, really a super cool guy. we got to talking and him
and a few of his friends ended up coming back to my place after the show
(i lived right behind the venue.) he was pretty jaded (albeit very
friendly) and seemed really burned out on the "industry", i was spinning
hardcore/gabber back then and gave him one of my mixtapes and he said
something along the lines of "thanks i could really use this right now"
implying that he was having some frustrations with something going on at
the time. i kind of got the impression that he and josh had some sort of
falling out...

anyway, he also gave me a VHS tape that had every EBN video work on it, he
alluded that by compiling everything on one tape and selling them on the
road it was a bit of a fuck you to some sort of higher ownership, i
assumed it was either the labels he was referring to or just the break up
of EBN in general.

and of course i ended up loaning that tape to someone over the years and
it never came back... argh.

> I agree-Telecommunication Breakdown is genius! Remember the disc that came
> with interactive add-ons?
> On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 8:06 AM, Brian Conner <nyquist747 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I can't express enough my love for Telecommunication Breakdown. It's
>> such a
>> great piece of work. Sampling mastery at its best. They're earlier stuff
>> was
>> rather rigid; straight repitition with some overload and chaos thrown
>> in.
>> But Telecommunication Breakdown brought the layered depth of samples,
>> with
>> the majority from news broadcasts, interviews and commercial ads,
>> thematically used to create subject matter about TV brainwashing the
>> public.
>> It is simply genius!
>> Favs: Zen state, 3:7:8 -> beginning of the end
>> On Jan 21, 2011 12:17 AM, "adjust" <adjust at rematter.com> wrote:
>> what was jack's official role in the EBN productions? did he do all of
>> the
>> beats? or have i inflated his contributions in my mind over the years...
>> i always assumed he was the ghost producer for the music and it was all
>> him, while gardner and josh were the video/conceptual guys and owned the
>> brand if you will...
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