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Yep, Jack has ghost produced/co-produced several non-MBM albums over 
the years, notably mixing many of Consolidated's albums and The 
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

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I can't express enough my love for Telecommunication Breakdown. It's 
such a great piece of work. Sampling mastery at its best. They're 
earlier stuff was rather rigid; straight repitition with some overload 
and chaos thrown in. But Telecommunication Breakdown brought the 
layered depth of samples, with the majority from news broadcasts, 
interviews and commercial ads, thematically used to create subject 
matter about TV brainwashing the public. It is simply genius!
Favs: Zen state, 3:7:8 -> beginning of the end
On Jan 21, 2011 12:17 AM, "adjust" <adjust at rematter.com> 
wrote:what was jack's official role in the EBN productions? did he do 
all of the
beats? or have i inflated his contributions in my mind over the years...

i always assumed he was the ghost producer for the music and it was all
him, while gardner and josh were the video/conceptual guys and owned the
brand if you will...
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