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I imagine people have been curious about this one for some time.

“A Child, Again” 1967, (#GRC-10885)
A presentation of the WNEW Radio News and Public Affairs Department.  
Broadcast on WNEW’s Sunday News Closeup on November 12, 1967; 
rebroadcast on November 26, 1967.  Written and Produced by Steve Young. 
 Executive Producer, Alan R. Walden.
"There has been much criticism of the electronic media, Radio and 
Television, for their lack of response to the needs of the public.  
Part of the assault is justified.  Occasionally, however, there appears 
on the scene a radio program of such outstanding quality, all which has 
gone before pales by comparison.
So it was with WNEW's Sunday News Closeup entitled, "A Child, Again", a 
half-hour long documentary which was tantamount to eavesdropping on a 
The concept was really quite simple.  WNEW reporter Steve Young, who 
had read the Newsweek article keyed to the hippie movement early in the 
Fall of 1967, spent dozens of hours scouring New York's "East Village" 
for any trace of a girl named "Marcy", who played a major part in the 
published study.
He found her and several friends shortly after they'd been evicted from 
their "Crash Pad", hippie jargon for a place to live.
Young took the youthful dropouts to his home and there recorded a 
shattering interview with 19 year old Marcy, a document which amounted 
to an indictment of middle class society and a subliminal attack on the 
hippie movement itself.
Perhaps the most telling feature of the program was Marcy's end of a 
conversation with her mother and father at their home in Michigan... It 
was not necessary to hear the other end of the conversation. Marcy's 
stream of consciousness utterances were enough; bitter, tormented, 
devastating in their confused, drug-fogged sincerity."
Steve Young, “Are you really happy?”
Marcy (Margaret), “I’m happy as I’ve ever been.  I’m not happy, I’m not 
happy at all really.  Oh, I’m very sad, I’m not happy”
Steve Young, “You know a lot about drugs”
Marcy (Margaret), “Oh, I live for drugs.  It’s great.  Just lately I 
freaked out on acid.  I freaked out very, very badly.  You know, I 
don’t think I’ll ever take acid again and before I thought that was the 
best thing in the world.  I never want it again.  Never acid again”
“I dig that”
“I’m so fat.  I don’t feel very pretty, I really don’t”
sampled in “Acid Again” from Actual Sounds + Voices
Marcy (Margaret), “Mmm, beautiful”
sampled in “Acid Again (Dub Again)” from the Acid Again single
sounds of Marcy dialing her parents
“Right now I’m scared, I’m really scared”
sampled in “Acid Again (Depth Charge mix 1)” from the Acid Again single
Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow, “Comin’ Back to Me”
music in the background
sampled in “Sig Sally” from Igloo Trax Vol. 2: The Most Music
Newsweek “Trouble in Hippieland”, Oct. 30, 1967
Poor woman, she didn’t even know she was being taped

Sampled by many other bands in the past as well:

My Life With Thrill Kill Kult - Daisy Chain for Satan
The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Brain (Orbital dance mix)
Cause 4 Concern - Never Acid Again
except they just took this from MBM, you can even hear the sounds of 
San Francisco harbour Jack recorded in the background

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