[Zombies] Chicago Live and Direct 2/16/2011

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I was also there and thoroughly impressed ... wasn't kidding about the beer bottle either ... BLAMMO !! I have also never experienced electrical conduit vibrating :-)

Couldn't believe Dave could kneel on the floor that long.

Too bad only one more U.S. show.

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> Got back from the show on Thursday after a six hour drive from Ohio and
> it was well worth it.
> The evening started off with Not Breathing: Dave Wright, Karl White,
> and Falcotronik doing an improvised electronics and video performance
> on the stage floor using, among other things, home-made analogue
> synths, modified wii controllers, and video synthesizers. Noisy and
> rhythmically complex, don't miss it.   Dave even let me check out the
> synth he made, real cool guy.  Hey Dave, do you want me to send you
> some knee pads?  Must be uncomfortable kneeling on that stage.
> Be sure to check these guys out:
> http://www.notbreathing.com/not_breathing/news.html
> http://metrothegnome.com/
> http://www.technorganicrecordings.net/About%20Falcotronik.html
> Well, what can I say about MBM's set?  Luminol drops and waves of low 
> end rattle my rib cage while turn of the century science cinema clips 
> move across the screens.  This was how ACID was always meant to be 
> experienced, and I do mean experienced because you feel it more through 
> your body than your eardrums.
> It was basically a statement to all the dubstep kids out there that 
> "we've been doing this kind of stuff for years and we do it better."
> The visuals seemed a lot more focused this time with a little less of 
> the chaotic visual sampledelica and more of the kind of stuff Kraftwerk 
> did with their live show back in 2004.
> Clips included everything, Our Man Flint, Boney M, Giorgio Moroder on a 
> vocoder, Lee Scratch Perry, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, RCA stereo 
> demonstrations from the '50's, viral internet videos, military g-force 
> tests, gurning competitions, and a Japanese man playing rock 'n' roll 
> on his Casio-esque keyboard.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sbot-IaSPcw
> The highlight of the show for me was the Penultimate Drum Test with 
> Christopher Walken shouting for more cowbell while clips of Charlie 
> Mingus and the drummer from Weather Report play over top.
> The only disappointment I'd say was the absence of any material from 
> Subliminal Sandwich or Actual Sounds + Voices and they couldn't play 
> the Penultimate Bass Test, I think because the bass would have wrecked 
> the sound system!
> Here's a set list of the tracks I remember them playing in no 
> particular order:
> God O.D. (uptempo)
> I Got the Fear (part 2)
> Helter Skelter
> Radio Babylon
> I Am Electro
> Edge of No Control
> Spinning Round Dub
> Hellfire
> Return to Bass
> Luminol
> Mnemonic
> Let Me Set
> # Zero
> Quietus
> Please
> Totally Together
> Zombie / TRS2
> Penultimate Acid Test
> Penultimate Drum Test
> and an Encore
> peace
> quiller
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