[Zombies] Chicago Live and Direct 2/16/2011

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Fri Feb 18 12:13:12 PST 2011

Got back from the show on Thursday after a six hour drive from Ohio and
it was well worth it.

The evening started off with Not Breathing: Dave Wright, Karl White,
and Falcotronik doing an improvised electronics and video performance
on the stage floor using, among other things, home-made analogue
synths, modified wii controllers, and video synthesizers. Noisy and
rhythmically complex, don't miss it.   Dave even let me check out the
synth he made, real cool guy.  Hey Dave, do you want me to send you
some knee pads?  Must be uncomfortable kneeling on that stage.
Be sure to check these guys out:

Well, what can I say about MBM's set?  Luminol drops and waves of low 
end rattle my rib cage while turn of the century science cinema clips 
move across the screens.  This was how ACID was always meant to be 
experienced, and I do mean experienced because you feel it more through 
your body than your eardrums.
It was basically a statement to all the dubstep kids out there that 
"we've been doing this kind of stuff for years and we do it better."
The visuals seemed a lot more focused this time with a little less of 
the chaotic visual sampledelica and more of the kind of stuff Kraftwerk 
did with their live show back in 2004.
Clips included everything, Our Man Flint, Boney M, Giorgio Moroder on a 
vocoder, Lee Scratch Perry, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, RCA stereo 
demonstrations from the '50's, viral internet videos, military g-force 
tests, gurning competitions, and a Japanese man playing rock 'n' roll 
on his Casio-esque keyboard.
The highlight of the show for me was the Penultimate Drum Test with 
Christopher Walken shouting for more cowbell while clips of Charlie 
Mingus and the drummer from Weather Report play over top.
The only disappointment I'd say was the absence of any material from 
Subliminal Sandwich or Actual Sounds + Voices and they couldn't play 
the Penultimate Bass Test, I think because the bass would have wrecked 
the sound system!

Here's a set list of the tracks I remember them playing in no 
particular order:
God O.D. (uptempo)
I Got the Fear (part 2)
Helter Skelter
Radio Babylon
I Am Electro
Edge of No Control
Spinning Round Dub
Return to Bass
Let Me Set
# Zero
Totally Together
Zombie / TRS2
Penultimate Acid Test
Penultimate Drum Test
and an Encore



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