[Zombies] Portland Live And Direct 2/3/2011

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It's a little disappointing that they aren't doing some of the old 
tunes they used to do live with the new visual aspect, something like 
"Electric People" I imagine would be amazing live.
Is the Perennial Divide one Archive Things?  Because if they had Purge 
with vocals and all I'd have to pick that up.
Are they doing the original version of God O.D. instead of the 
'oriental' version?
What tracks from ACID are getting played?

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To pick up where jose left off:

i went to the portland show last night. to answer some outstanding 

1. yes, it was just jack and ben. lynn was seriously missed.
2. the merch table had nothing new. no shirts, just the new cd, the 
p.divide one, and the live 05 dvd.
3. not breathing was kind of a snorefest. the music was interesting and 
certainly noisy, but it felt like someone hit play on a dvd. david is 
probably a super nice guy, but i don't know if he was even there. 
having the visuals up only to have the mbm ones after didn't help, 
4. the set was almost the same as last year's (except with a few new 
tracks from acid). the visuals were pretty much the same, too (down to 
the 'buy a tee shirt' subliminal message -- even though they had none 
to sell)

all in all, i was happy to see jack (i haven't missed a tour since 
'89), but this felt like a quickie jaunt for jack, rather than a 
planned tour. here's hoping that the next run will involve lynn or at 
least something onstage to keep our attention.

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