[Zombies] Seattle Live And Direct 2/2/2011...a retrospective of the latest tour... the Zombettes

Jose Martinez noechoinspace at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 14:36:50 PST 2011

hello and good afternoon from cloudy and wet seattle. i went to the show on wednesday  night and have a few things to say about it while its still fresh. yes it was a bit too loud and the speakers couldnt take the vibes. it sounded like popcorn and electricity ... not  the best sound possible but i was told on the way out that it wasnt the venues fault. the sound was coming from them....?
i dont think so but...i liked it.
i was a bit apprehensive at first since i had not been out in months. ( i was the one in the crutches with the bored husband in the back row. howdy!)but then i roused myself into the evening and had a good time. it is only jack and ben this time. ugh! i know the other fellas are busy but it was a lap-top kinda set. jack, as always, is looking dapper in his now trademark french hat and commanding figure. ben is ben in his usually comfortable and goofy grin! classic standards included "helter skelter", a rowdy  rendition of "g.o.d. od", bass heavy"radio babylon", and the always introspective "spinning round" dub version 2.0....exciting moments were felt when familiar songs were heard in a new fashion or sound texture. jack is in top form but not much energy..?!? i dont know guys. i love jack and always will, get faint just thinking of the mans catalouge and influence. but kinda slow and heavy this time out. "a.c.i.d." came across to me at first too
 sluggish and heavy of a meat beat trip. like opium instead of....well you get the picture. several selections were played from that album and...the crowd responded to the bass and visuals indeed. i was mesmorized once again just as i was when i was a teenager long ago and far away. i will travel to wherever jack and company et al would play...the first and second leg of the "at the center" tours were my first times seeing the guys live. the best was at the mezzanine in san fransisco in 200o something...the ONLY tour that would have available the "live 2005" cd. of course i got it autographed after the sow was over,awaiting to meet the man himself and i did, boyfriend-at-the-time in tow...i was the one wearing the boa. yeah i know,sorry,it was san fran...anyways fond memories were made once more. just different....no alcohol and growing up i guess. oh yeah....and i didnt stick around to meet-and-greet with the gents post -performance. i was tired...i
 know,i know; what a wuss. but two days later im still thinking of the night i went to the meat beat manifesto show with my new husband and my gay friends, dubbed "{the zombettes}" for the evening, which included a late night ,diner stop at beths cafe in green lake, SEA, and a good nights sleep. just standing in the audience was excercise enough in order to withstands such sound frequencies...i was on one leg and not entirerly on full force but others around me were getting into it. if you havent been yet, which would include most of you other deddicated zombies due east of the west coast, enjoy. how would i evaluate this performance? i wouldnt. i just enjoyed it...thanks guys! and whats this rumor i have heard through the zombie vine that jack is moving? well of course this is not the last tour?another leg or two? the zombettes will be out in force again. out of contral indeed! regret: not buying a black tee with a silver meat beat logo circa
 "subliminal sandwich" that i wish i had gotten. eek!
.later i hope.
  oh and thats it i guess...but hopefully not over. EVER!


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Does this mean that Piranha Jones might be making a guest appearance!?

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sweet. tell mark that i love that album, though it's probably because i 
treat them like a bronski beat cover band ;)

interestingly enough, the photo that they're using to promote the show 
here in portland is from the 1989 tour (the cover of dog star man).?

i wonder how many folks in the crowd will be of the black leather 
jacket industrial crowd because of that? going to see killing joke last 
month was like walking into a time machine (except that everyone, while 
wearing the same clothes that they had in 1988, had aged considerably).?


On Feb 3, 2011, at 8:42 AM, Jon Drukman wrote:
On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:46 AM,  <quiller1 at email.com> wrote:
Is it just Jack and Ben?

I haven't seen the show yet but I can tell you that this part is 
correct.? Mark is on tour with Hercules & Love Affair (he 
co-wrote/produced/played synth-bass-guitar on the new album).

Not sure what Lynn is up to.


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