[Zombies] Meat Beat Manifesto inspiring Lego Feet ?

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Autechre made a mix back in 2010 that included the Radio Babylon (Space Children Intro mix) so it wouldn't be surprising that they include Meat Beat as an influence.

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 Small news bit, little or no importance : 

 I just got the Lego Feet CD (http://www.discogs.com/Lego-Feet-SKA001CD/release/3266729 ) in the mail from Bleep. Opening up the digipack, I was pleasantly surprised to see MBM (well, at least the "Meat" part) on a cover (could be Version Galore ?) at the front of a stack of vinyl sitting besides the 2 anonymised guys (everyone says it's the Autechre duo) in the studio with their gear. The recording dates back to 1991, so this photo probably also, which aligns with the release date of Version Galore. Perhaps they were attracted to the Andrew Weatherall mixes.

 If Lego Feet is truly the 1st incarnation of Autechre, it's nice to see this link as both Jack/MBM and Autechre are still personal faves of mine.

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