[Zombies] A.C.I.D. again...

Jon Whitney turbid at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 03:07:26 PDT 2010


I'm reading a lot of critiques of the album and I must admit I too was
a bit thrown off upon first listens BUT I'm thinking there's something
more to the picture here...

Remember when you first heard Subliminal Sandwich?  It was such a
departure from the bombastic big beat sound but there was a deeper
concept going on. Compare disc A to disc B of Subliminal Sandwich and
I think it parallels Autoimmune and Answers Come In Dreams.  Wasn't
Autoimmune originally slated to be a double disc? Perhaps ACID was the
foundation for that second disc but due to choices by the record
labels it didn't surface.

It seems to me that ACID is more of a yin to the yang of Autoimmune
(or yang to yin, whichever is which) and by listening to both as a set
things make more sense.

There's a lot of breathing space on ACID like there was on that second
disc of Subliminal Sandwich, spacey compositions that are reminiscent
of pieces from Music for Planetarium, Tape Music, or the second disc
to Loudness Clarifies.

I am really disappointed about all the songs that have ended up as
pre-order onlys, other-version onlys, etc,...  It's extremely
frustrating and would be nice if there was some sort of compilation,
either digital or physical, of the loose ends over the last few years.
There's still a lot of compilation-only songs floating out there too.

Let's hope those loose ends end up as one of those tour-only CDs that
gets brought around during next year's live excursion...


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