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For me, the JD's album (3mins into Radiation particularly) is more  
like what I hoped the latest Meat Beat would be, and that the Pistel  
Albums are the side projects that tided me over. Syncopation, samples,  
and textures are really not the diversity they were and things are  
less "memorable" for sure. I used to hear a new track and just know it  
was MBM.
There's definitely been much "plodding wobble".
Curious where Totally Together tracks styles went. TRS2 and Totally  
Together had me real psyched for A.C.I.D...........

On Oct 18, 2010, at 8:28 PM, quiller1 at email.com wrote:

> First impressions,
> Luminol
> You know, that glowing stuff you've seen on CSI.  Video for this  
> should be interesting, another nice use of a Tom Dissevelt sample in  
> the background.  Made the mirrors on my car rattle when I first  
> popped it in.  Lots of subtle low end manipulation. B
> http://www.angelo.edu/faculty/kboudrea/demos/luminol/luminol.htm
> http://science.howstuffworks.com/luminol.htm
> http://www.zazzle.com/luminol_it_just_abour_ruins_everything_tshirt-235567948988752253
> Mnemonic
> Full track from the snippet we heard as the intro to Music for  
> Planetarium.  Synthi 100 gets really noisy, dirty, and squelchy on  
> this one.  Was expecting something a bit more from the video, but  
> this is one of the best tracks on this disc. A
> Great start to this track, plodding metallic tones with some odd  
> vocoder and lots of space, bassline--boom into dubstep.  Finish off  
> with a straight forward acid line. B+
> Let Me Set
> A basic dubstep tune.  Sounds like it could have been an outtake  
> from Autoimmune.  Not really feeling this one.  Mostly just plods  
> along. C-
> # Zero
> Acid electro.  Definitely an homage to Kraftwerk's "Numbers".   
> Reappearance of the Revolution 9 "Number nine" sample.  Probably the  
> most acid house inspired thing MBM ever did.  Also probably the  
> result of hanging out with Jon Drukman.  Excellent production on  
> this track, the way the synths bounce around the stereo.   
> Underwhelmed by the video for this too.  Nothing revolutionary, just  
> quality. A
> Quietus
> My current favorite track from this album.  Those female vocals just  
> get stuck in your head.  Reuses some sounds from "Prime Audio  
> Soup".  Single please.  The video for this one is excellent too.
> "Go to sleep"
> "Sometimes, I wonder why" Don't we all? A+
> Token Words
> Wyndham Lewis pops up again.  Jack Danger's usual insertion of a  
> musique concrete piece in his MBM
> albums.  Less random sound manipulation like "Colors of Sound", more  
> like the excellent Music for Planetarium.  Title probably a pun  
> "toking words", bet this would sound real good in a darkened room. B
> Waterphone
> Second favorite track on this album.  The waterphone takes center  
> stage again since its heavy use on Subliminal Sandwich.  Sounds like  
> there's a rattle snake in the background.  Once the Synthi gets  
> fired-up towards the end, takes the track to another level. A
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFyv6t3OS3c
> 010130
> Akin to "Wavy Line" from Actual Sounds + Voices.  Unecessary, but  
> ultimately inoffensive brief interlude. C
> Zenta!
> More of the Raudive sample, dead ladies questioning my belief in a  
> supernatural realm. "You are sleeping, you do not want to believe".   
> More dubstep, not my favorite genre of music. C
> Please
> Videodrome samples are always good.  I think I remember hearing the  
> melody used in this track from a one-off MBM track used on a  
> compilation back in the 90's.  The choir like voices remind me of  
> "Euthanasia" from Satyricon.  Good track.  B+
> Chimie du Son
> French for "chemistry of sound", "sound chemistry".  An excellent  
> experimental track from MBM.  Sounds like something that should have  
> been on Loudness Clarifies.  Lots of weird sounds and cool  
> manipulations going on throughout this track.  "That is not true",  
> *gunshots*.  Last sound, gun reloading. A
> Overall: B
> Not my favorite MBM release by a long shot.  I think MBM is best  
> when it does maximal, not minimal.  Plus, I thought MBM already went  
> down that road when Jack made RUOK?  One thing I can always say  
> about Jack is he is consistently an excellent producer and this is  
> no exception.  Maybe when the whole dubstep zeitgeist washes over,  
> we'll have less of the plodding wobble.  MBM is also at its best  
> when it goes its own direction, rather than paying attention to  
> what's momentarily popular.
> Plus, I must mention, the bass on this is excellent and more  
> attention has been paid to this than on any previous MBM albums.   
> Don't make the mistake of listening to this on tinny computer  
> speakers.
> As is true of all MBM albums play twice before listening.
> peace
> quiller
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> I think there are a decent amount of memorable beats and sounds on  
> this album, but I wish that Jack would do something a bit more,  
> well, fun.  Last time that happened IMO was "Actual Sounds & Voices."
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> listening to the new album now, and it's not really doing anything  
> for me
> (tho not as 'bleh' as _At the Center_). i'll wait until i see this  
> in the
> used bins before purchasing.
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