[Zombies] PRE ORDER MBM's New Album A.C.I.D.

Roscoe, Larry lroscoe at mcw.edu
Mon Oct 4 12:09:13 PDT 2010

Not to mention that with postage the pre-order from Topspin is near $20.  

So compare that to the Metropolis Digital which is $8.98 with no postage plus bonus music videos. But since I prefer physical media to digital only I'm paying $11 more. It sucks though that those paying less get the instant gratification of downloading on release day, wheras I gotta wait for my physical copy to arrive. (Wish they included a download code with the pre-order so that I could at least hear it on release day.)

Then again, I'm listening to the bonus track right now and I love it. (which by the was is mp4 not mp3)

My hope is since it's been mentioned that they're doing videos for each of the tracks on the release that those will find a separate release (DVD, Blu Ray) instead of just digital files out on the interwebs or just YouTube. 

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Yeah, they're really making the MBM completist pay through the teeth.  
I'd like to know what videos are going to be on the limited edition 
CD/DVD because maybe all the vids for the album are going to be in one 
place on that release.  Though I don't mind getting an extra CD copy to 
go with the exclusive track since I'll probably wear through at least 
one with repeated play.



Ok, I'm finding it a tad annoying that there are like 4 versions of 
this album coming.  Order from MBM--get a bonus song, order digital 
 from metropolis--get 2 videos, order CD/DVD from UK--5 videos.  Humph, 
perhaps order none and just D/L out of annoyance?  (I won't, but it is 
a tad frustrating.)


On Oct 2, 2010, at 3:16 PM   Oct 2, quiller1 at email.com wrote:
Another email from the official MBM mailing list for a pre-order of the 
CD format with an exclusive download.
Plus, the offcial site's store is now offering an A.C.I.D. T-shirt

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Metropolis Records will release the new album, Answers Come In Dreams, 
on CD and digitally in the US & Canada on October 12th.

But you can pre-order your copy of the CD today! That way you will have 
the new album waiting for you in your mailbox on October 12th. Plus we 
will provide you with a little something to hold you over. . . . AN 

By reserving your copy of A.C.I.D. now you will receive an automatic 
mp3 download of "Wolf Head 8 Inch." This is an exclusive non album 
track available only to those who take advantage of this pre order 

So Click Here and Get it Now!!!!!!!


US Track listing:

1.    Luminol
2.    Mnemonic
3.    MYC
4.    Let Me Set
5.    # Zero
6.    Quietus
7.    Token Words
8.    Waterphone
9.    010130
10.    Zenta!
11.    Please
12.    Chimie Du Son

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