[Zombies] Fwd: The New Album From Meat Beat Manifesto (bitesize)

Alan Hogg djpigg at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 12:34:39 PST 2010

> just wish
> there was one format we could buy that would have all the material on it - i
> don't know if this is designed to get us buying 2 different formats to get
> all the material but the only effect it's going to have on me is not buying
> any...


I don't understand why anyone thinks there needs to be releases tailored to different countries.  It's not as if a Meat Beat Manifesto fan in the UK would have refused to buy 'Autoimmune' because 'Solid Waste' was on it... MBM fans aren't that fickle.  So why would we complain about tracks being shorter?

I am also pretty disappointed with the 'limited edition packaging' of the UK version - there's nothing special about it (although the sleeve looks beautiful) and I really hoped the dvd would have the three 'Penultimate...' tracks; they're better than some of the tracks on the album.
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