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well UK versions came out today, although the promised 12 track deluxe
download isn't there, just the 10-track version. not only that, but looking
at the track times & comparing to the US release, 3 of the tracks are edited
versions! so not only do we have to put up with only having 10 tracks out of
12 on the full album, but 3 tracks aren't even the full version - there is
no way i'm paying good money for a cut-down version like that. seems
impossible to buy the US version for download from the UK as well, wherever
i try to get it from won't let me. this is so frustrating, what's the
thinking behind cutting down the album like this? does Jack have any say in
this or is it all from the label?

so i guess i'm going to have to pay out for a US CD copy shipped over from a
US retailer - although i'm likely just not to bother i'm afraid. i was
waiting for the UK CD since it comes with a DVD - but it seems you only get
5 videos on it anyway, would have been nice to get all the 11 videos that
Jack's uploaded to youtube on there, but no. disappointing again. just wish
there was one format we could buy that would have all the material on it - i
don't know if this is designed to get us buying 2 different formats to get
all the material but the only effect it's going to have on me is not buying

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> Only one pressing ever, beautifully packaged gatefold double 12" LP.
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> designer, he has played a seminal role in defining tomorrows' music today.
> Past production/remixing projects include: *Public Enemy, David Bowie,
> Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Bush, Depeche Mode, and Tower of
> Power.*
> *Answers Come In Dreams* is minimal, textural and cinematic in scope, this
> album follows sound sculptor and music innovator Jack Dangers into more
> experimental territory. An artist who sees the very fluid connection between
> audio and visual, Jack has been creating videos for each of the twelve
> tracks on the record - 5 of which feature on the bonus DVD packaged in the
> CD-pack.
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