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Fri May 28 11:35:12 PDT 2010

but the real question is, is jack a napalm death fan...

> Thanks Jon, that's encouraging news that Jack digs Scorn!  Maybe some
> gentle
> coaxing on your part could lead to their collaboration release on
> Pretension. :-)   Instead of a traditional full-length with distinct
> tracks,
> another option would be to have one mega jam session similar to Scorn's
> _List of Takers_, which is probably my favorite Scorn release and highly
> recommended for all you Zombies!
> My guess is Mick is a private person and may be hard to team up with, but
> my
> fingers are crossed.  I'm speculating based on his music (Scorn and Lull)
> and his passion for fishing (can be a very solitary sport).  Who knows,
> though, maybe these are just his outlets and he's a socialite. ;-)
>    - Eric
> On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 7:21 AM, Jon Drukman <jdrukman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 9:26 PM, Eric Frans <efrans at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I got to thinking what an amazing full-length creation would be spawned
>>> from a Jack Dangers / Mick Harris collaboration (not simply a remix
>>> track
>>> like "Silver Rain Fell").  In the recent Jack Dangers mix on Digital
>>> Nimbus
>>> there were some moments where I could almost hear Scorn as Jack slowed
>>> the
>>> beats down and got a bit more evil.  I seem to recall some Meat Beat
>>> Manifesto tracks too with a bit of this sound, but I'm blanking on the
>>> titles...  Dub is definitely embedded in both Scorn and MBM, but the
>>> Scorn
>>> sound can be a bit one dimensional at times, so interleaving it with
>>> Jack's
>>> techniques and palette would be exciting to hear!  Anyway, enough
>>> dreaming,
>>> but I'd be interested how others feel about this suggested collab.
>> well, Jack agrees with you.  when we were doing the SF Weekly interview
>> he
>> mentioned that one of his favorite current artists is Scorn.
>>> I'm sure you all have ideas of other artists to collaborate with Jack
>>> too.  Another pairing I'd love to hear would be Jack Dangers / Dave
>>> Wright
>>> (Not Breathing).  As I remember the connection is already there since
>>> Jack
>>> has a custom circuit bent instrument or two that Dave created.
>> Dave played bass on one track on Jack's album "Loudness Clarifies" but I
>> don't think they've done anything besides that. I'm kind of surprised
>> there
>> hasn't been more with the two of them to be honest.
>>> Given the digital distribution model the JDs followed with the tracks
>>> composed and released in a few months, I'm optimistic for more
>>> collaborations!
>> Me too!
>> -jsd-
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