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More Travelogue DVD / Live '05 spots:  
Arabesque (1966)
John Merivale as Major Sylvester Pennington Sloane removing the glasses of George Coulouris as Professor Ragheeb
sampled in the visuals for “Spinning Round” on the Travelogue DVD
Gregory Peck as Professor David Pollock, “You’ve seen too much television”
sampled in the visuals for “Helter Skelter” on the Travelogue DVD

The Melodians - Rivers of Babylon
“By the rivers of Babylon where we sat down” @0:19
sampled in “Radio Babylon” from Live ‘05

Rockers (1978)
drumming at start of film
“Jah” @0:30
Brother Joe, “Give you two hundred of my record.  I don’t give record, I sell record” @5:16
Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace as Horsemouth, “Ya mon, listen to me mon.  I play on two LP’s for you, just give me a box”
Brother Joe, “Let me tell you this”
“I am going to give you two hundred records and when I give you these two hundred records, you just take it and run”
Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, “The big boy control the record business.  Now me have to do something about it, Rasta” @0:50
sampled in “Sunday Dub”, “Monster Dub”, and “Hole in the Sky Dub” from Tino’s Breaks Five: DUB
Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, “Babylon shall fall” @4:35
sampled in the visuals for “Radio babylon from the Travelogue DVD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C84wtN0L1A4 @0:38

The Harder They Come (1972)
Jimmy Cliff as Ivanhoe “Ivan” Martin, “I’d like the chance to make a record” @3:42
Bobby Charlton as Hilton, “Everybody wanna make a record. You almost ready?”
Basil Keane as Preacher, “Playing all this kind of music” @7:05
Jimmy Cliff, “This is my personal record, ya know” @6:25
Winston Stona as Detective Ray Jones, “So you don’t have to get frightened.  Just cool it for a couple of days and leave it to me” @9:41
Bobby Charlton, “You find a record yet man?” @6:24
“_____ was put back here a long time ago, ya know sir”
Bobby Charlton, “Find the record, find it!”
sampled in “D-U-B Dub”, “Toasted Dub”, “Sunday Dub”, “Monster Dub”, and “D-U-B Dub Version” from Tino’s Breaks Five: DUB
Don Topping as DJ, “Hey, good evening everybody.  Welcome to the Big T Show” @6:36
“Smoking, heh”
sampled in the visuals for “Radio Babylon” from the Travelogue DVD

Scotty - Draw Your Brakes
sampled in “Radio Babylon” from the Travelogue DVD
“X”: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes theatrical prologue (1963)
>From a five minute prologue at the beginning of the film that originally played in the theaters.
Narrator, “Sight, to many the most valuable sense of all, to be able to see the world as it was and is”
sampled in the visuals for “She’s Unreal” from the Travelogue DVD


Saboteur (1942)
Norman Lloyd as Frank Fry falling to his death from the torch of the Statue of Liberty
sampled in the visuals for “Edge of No Control” from the Travelogue DVD
Psycho (1960)
Martin Balsam as Milton Arbogast falling down the stairs after being stabbed by Norman Bates @1:21

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