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The trademark Meat Beat?"sub-ping" gives it away, otherwise its just Cheryl Lynn and Boney M.? Liked Clear by Cybotron in there too, except I think it was supposed to be whatever Missy Elliot lifted it for.? The Chemical Brother's snippet is from Rockmaster Scott - The Roof is on Fire and if I'm not mistaken I thought that Basement Jaxx track used a big portion of a Gary Numan tune?? Funny how these second hand samples become completely recontextualize for a new generation.
One of my favorite bastard pop moments
Some warehouse classics, hoovers, yep.

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nice catch. getting a bit lazy in my old age, the bass was sounding 
 reminiscent of the track "LFO" and i honestly haven't had a listen to 
 either in ages. transmat's HQ is a couple miles from where i'm typing, i 
 should probably be ashamed. in other news, i just played the video for a 
 coworker and he said "it makes me want to put my head through glass". just 
 kleptones are pretty great at what they do though, "mash-up: the el camino 
 of music genres". 
 > that is awesome, except it's not LFO, it's "energy flash" by joey 
 > beltram.  the LFO sample is at 3:44.  surprising they didn't mention 
 > meat beat or future sound of london. 
 > wow, that was great.  i love the kleptones.  anyone who likes mashups 
 > at all must check out "a night at the hip hopera". 
 > -jsd- 
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 >> http://vimeo.com/9326789 
 >> the part where the LFO kicks in under the GNR verse is pretty slick i 
 >> have 
 >> to admit... 
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