[Zombies] MBM show in Seattle

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make the best out of the situation...

> Normally have no problems with the smell of pot, but when I have to go
> into a place with all the ambiance of a crackhouse that is supposed to be
> a place of business and run across that, then I start to have issues. 
> Found out after purchasing my tickets that this place is known for poor
> management and shady business dealings.
> Have no idea why MBM booking chose this place, I can think of at least
> half a dozen better suited venues right off the top of my head, and would
> gladly pay more for the tickets to see a show almost anywhere else.
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>> the wall of the hallway (reeking of weed, I might add)
> you say that like it's a bad thing. most shitty detroit venues smell like
> stale booze and homeless guy urine.
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