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Haha, wow, memories eh? ;) I think I remember being on this list back to ’95 or ’96 – I was definitely on for the Subliminal Sandwich tour and beforehand. When did you start the list, Jon?


Good points, though, I think I’m feeling the same way as you. And I would never say one side is better than the other – it’s all preference and age changes preferences. There’s a club here in Chicago I hate going to because the bathrooms suck. Lame, right? ;)


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i'd just like to take a moment and look back at the history of this list.


i think i joined it in around '95-96 or so. since then, we've all grown older and wiser, and, amazingly, the diehards are still here. francesca and pietro married, john d's made tracks with jack, and brainwashed has gone from a simple info site to a label and festival initiator. goodness... jon's an emt now.


back then, i'd probably look for a place that sounds like the one below. hell, back then i was still throwing break-in parties (raves, i guess) and learning how to best pull electricity illegally for the evening. now i mostly spin at established clubs or the odd legal afterhours. ahh, age. 


i'd love to see mbm at some of the nicer venues in town. i was actually hoping that they'd go to the doug fir here in portland--mostly because the sound is amazing. that said, i already have my ticket to the portland show. i'm pretty sure i haven't missed a tour that hit the states.


funny how far we've gone, eh? i wonder what the average age is on this list at this point? or, even, the average age of mbm fans? has the crossover to dubstep brought in the kids in the us? 




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Normally have no problems with the smell of pot, but when I have to go into a place with all the ambiance of a crackhouse that is supposed to be a place of business and run across that, then I start to have issues.  Found out after purchasing my tickets that this place is known for poor management and shady business dealings.
Have no idea why MBM booking chose this place, I can think of at least half a dozen better suited venues right off the top of my head, and would gladly pay more for the tickets to see a show almost anywhere else. 

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> the wall of the hallway (reeking of weed, I might add)

you say that like it's a bad thing. most shitty detroit venues smell like
stale booze and homeless guy urine.
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