[Zombies] MBM US tour dates and featured tracks on Igloocompilation...

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at comcast.net
Tue Dec 14 22:53:04 PST 2010

I REALLY hope I can get Feb 16 off work (fingers crossed).  Doesn't look 
like there's going to be a lot of chances to see them.

So is it going to be just Stokes and Dangers?  Or will we be seeing Farmer 
and Pistel as well?


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New MBM US tour dates and two MBM tracks featured on the new (free)
Igloo Trax V2 digital compilation (alongside contributions from Bass
Kittens, The JD's, Not Breathing, Volum and more!)....

MBM U.S. Tour (February 2011)

MBM featured on Igloo Trax V2 (two tracks!)


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