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Hi there fellow Zombies,

Just a recap before we proceed with the trainspotting:

There will be no website, blog, or other overtly public information on these sample lists I've been compiling.  I don't want to be the guy getting a message from MBM's manager complaining about how I'm being a jackass for getting the band in legal trouble.
Last I checked the Zombie email list isn't being compiled into a public archive somewhere.  This is where I thought the archives were stored, although when I try to enter them my browser says the link is broken:
I remember in the past you could find old posts in a public archive, but maybe Hollyfeld's not compiling them anymore?
The thing to be concerned about is when a person can type in "meat beat manifesto samples" in a search engine and get a big fat sample 
list right at the top of the searches.  That's too public.

And away we go:

Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command
sampled in "Re-animator (part 3)" from Storm the Studio and 
"Reanimator" from Armed Audio Warfare

"A spokesman at the health ministry said, 'To talk repeatedly about 
AIDS will cause the public to panic.  Tourism will certainly be 
This vocal sample in "Re-animator (part 4)" from Storm the Studio 
is likely taken from the BBC Channel 4 documentary film "Foreign 
Bodies" (1988) by Alison Porteous & Tim Cooper about child 
prostitution in Thailand.  The quote is a reference to a statement 
made in 1978 by Thailand's Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of 
Public Health, Dr. Pairote Ningsanonda who feared that talking 
about an AIDS crisis in Thailand would prevent Western sex tourists 
from visiting the country.  Not much info on this film on the 
Found a blurb in French about it here:

Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart @2:24-2:32
drums hits and horn hits
sampled in "I Got the Fear (part 1)" @0:49 drums and “I Got the 
Fear (part 4)” @1:11, drums and 4:41, horn hits from Storm the 
Studio, remixes of "I Got the Fear"

Herbie Hancock - Rockit @1:51
sampled in “I Got the Fear (part 4)” @1:21 and remixes of “I Got the Fear”
uses the classic "Fresh" scratch from Fab 5 Freddies - Change Le 
Beat, very end

Attilio Mineo - Welcome to Tomorrow
Attilio Mineo Conducts Man in Space with Sounds
The orchestral music playing in the background of the sample from 
"The Weird World of LSD (1967)" is from this recording.
“We are about to take you into the world of the LSD user.  A world 
that to him is real, yet is terrifying and unreal as anything ever 
imagined.  We call his trip of terror to fly a giant bird.”
sampled in "God O.D." from the God O.D. single
DHS - Acid 3D (remix)

Mandrill - Peace and Love - Movement V (Beginning)
"Peace, love" at very end
sampled in "Mindstream" from Satyricon

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - Bedazzled
"The Milionaire"
sampled in "Placebo" from Satyricon

Dick Hyman - The Minotaur
sampled in “Mass Producing Hate” from Subliminal Sandwich

John Cage - Variations IV, "Introduction"
"In the grooves of this record is the sound of John Cage"
sampled in "We Done" from Subliminal Sandwich

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. - The Science of Sound, “Filtered 
Music and Speech”
“If we allow only those frequencies between three hundred 
seventy-five and two thousand cycles to be heard, my voice will 
sound like this”
“We have filtered out all frequencies”
sampled in "I Control (Audio Collage #2)"
Must have been really into Folkways records during this period.

Bob Andy - Unchained
A dub version of this called "Congo Call" is the source of the sample.
"Set me free"
sampled in "Prime Audio Soup"

Soul Survivors - Can You Feel It
“When the whistle blows anything goes, but when you do it, do it with soul!”
sampled in “Book of Shadows” from Actual Sounds + Voices and “Do It 
With Soul” from Live '05

Charles Dodge - Synthesized Voices (1976)
“He Destroyed Her Image” 
sampled in "3 Floors Above You" from Actual Sounds + Voices
“The Days Are Ahead”
sampled in “What Does It All Mean?" from RUOK?

The Hellers - Life Story
"You know? I think I'll tell you the story of my life.” 
sampled in “What Does It all Mean (So Damn Insane mix) vs. DHS"

Edgard Varese - Poeme Electronique, woman’s voice @1:23
sampled in live version of “Hello Teenage America” @2:36 from Live ‘05

The Sounds and Music of the RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer
Disc 1 - Side B - “The Synthesis of Music: Synthesis by Parts (part 1)”
“Music is a succession of tones so arranged as to create a desired 
effect.  Let us synthesize a series of tones to make a melody like 
This recording is featured on the alternate video channel on the In Dub DVD.
sampled in Tino’s “Exercise in Melody”

Ruth White - Flowers of Evil, “The Clock”
“Evening Harmony” @2:09
“Now is the time”
“The violent drums like a wounded heart”
“A tender heart that heeds the huge black void”
“The sky is so beautiful, like a vast alter”
“Dreams remain”
sampled in “Numbers” by Bo Square from Sizing Things Up
(I should mention that this Mutant Sounds blog is fantastic.  If 
you're a fan of ancient, rare, and undiscovered electronic music, 
check the archives of this blog, its like Christmas morning.)



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