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Either way you do it, all the sample finding is very appreciated.  Nothing 
like listening to something and all of a sudden you hear a sample from it's 
original source.


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It's a shame really.  A record like Storm the Studio probably couldn't be 
made in today's legal environment.
Between the choice of giving fans sample info which they'd like to find out, 
and the band getting into legal trouble, I'd prefer to error on the side of 
caution.  I know its a risk every band takes when using uncleared samples, I 
just don't want to add to the risk.

I've heard and read interviews with Jack where he might reveal the source of 
a sample, and that's how I'd like to keep it, just an informal head nod for 
those interested.  If I ever get around to compiling something nice and 
organized and referenced, I'll let the list know and I can send it to 
interested people off-list.

These are the only two Meat Beat sample lists I know that are still out 
there, not very exhaustive though:



> yeah, i used to have a sample source on the brainwashed site but mbm's
> manager at the time had me remove it for just those reasons
> thanks for saying this
> On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Levi Just <quiller1 at email.com> wrote:
> > Thanks for the feedback and praise!  I would love to do something
> > like a website or blog sometime in the future, although I'm a bit
> > wary to do this since I wouldn't want to make Jack & Co.'s sample
> > sources too public for fear of potential legal issues.  That's
> > why I'm only sharing this with the dedicated Zombies community.
> >
> > There have been several other MBM sample lists that have
> > circulated on the internet in the past, Duncan Bradshaw & Chris
> > Miller's come to mind, some with more sample spots than I've
> > listed, but I like to post a spot on the list that either hasn't
> > been discovered yet and/or has a quick, easily accessable piece
> > of audio and/or video to go with it.
> >
> > I'm pretty good at finding a lot of the early electronic music
> > samples that MBM uses, since like Mr. Dangers I like a lot of the
> > pre-80's avant-garde and electronic music.  The soul, funk, and
> > disco samples used on the early albums are a bit harder since I'm
> > a novice hip-hop head.  It's amazing what you can sometimes find
> > if you just Google a vocal phrase. Heh!
> >
> > By the way, if any Zombies have sample spots they know, I love
> > discovering new sample sources as much as I like sharing 'em.
> >
> > peace
> >
> > quiller

> >> I love all your work, sir.  This type of thing really deserves a
> >> dedicated blog of some sort!   Have you thought about it?
> >>
> >>
> >> Nicholas Teeple
> >> nicholas.teeple at gmail.com

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