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adjust adjust at rematter.com
Fri Oct 9 02:24:06 PDT 2009

i also had the 4 things i hate about you 12" once upon a time and it was
so good a buddy of mine permanently borrowed it... he still owes me.

found the 'fame' bass kittens remix of wee djs and grabbed it (thanks for
the heads up), but couldn't find any bass kittens remixed by wee djs?
presuming it's available at addictech that is.

anyone else reading this thread should be grabbing this stuff too!

>  thanks for the plug!  i have quite a bit of new stuff up at addictech and
> there will be SO MUCH MORE in the near future too... i want to put up the
> stuff I did with Jack as well, but first I have to check with him and I've
> been super super busy lately.
> http://pretension.addictech.com/
> weedj's are pretty amazing.  i had the pleasure of doing a show with him
> out
> here a little while back, and we've remixed each other as well.  he's a
> funny funny guy.
> On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 10:10 PM, adjust <adjust at rematter.com> wrote:
>> just picked it up from addictech. it's quite a few shades of awesome,
>> nice
>> one man...
>> http://www.addictech.com/store/product_info.php?r=FID_84&products_id=32728
>> and while diverting on the subject of good music, anyone familiar with
>> the
>> wee dj's? pretty much everything i've heard from them so far (all of two
>> releases) is unbelievably good.
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