[Zombies] Samples (Version Galore part 7)

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Mon Mar 16 18:03:58 PDT 2009

I thought since I was on a roll here I'd lump some of my previous posts together.
Some new spots as well, check it out.

Sinead O'Connor - I Want Your Hands On Me
sampled in "Feelin' Dangers"

MARRS - Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)
sampled in "God O.D." and "Edge of No Control (part 2)"

The Cookie Crew - Females (Get On Up) @2:21
"Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble"
sampled in "Cutman" from Armed Audio Warfare

The Beatmasters feat. The Cookie Crew - Rok Da House
"House music"
sampled in "Cutman" from Armed Audio Warfare

The Bar-Kays - Son of Shaft
sampled in "Cutman" from Armed Audio Warfare

Miami - Chicken Yellow (Let Me Do It To You)
check out the drum break at 0:37 on the clip
sampled in "Now" from 99%

Wavy Gravy Volume 1: For Adult Enthusiasts, 17 "Preacher", 19
"Chaingang Women", and 29 "Psychedelic Circus"
"Somebody give the Lord a handclap"
"Those innocent fun games of the hallucination generation"
"Psychedelic circus"
"When you leave, take me with you"
sampled in "All The Things You Are", "Hallucination Generation",
and "Love Mad"
This used to be a bootleg record of odd rock'n'roll from the 50's
that had exploitation film trailers made for radio at the beginning
of each track.
"Preacher" I believe is a snippet from the televaneglist program also 
sampled in DHS's "House of God"
"Chaingang Women" is a radio trailer for the exploitation film
"Chain Gang Women" (below)
"Psychedelic Circus" is a radio trailer for the film "Hallucination
You can download the whole album here:

Chain Gang Women (1971) trailer @0:22
"When you leave, take me with you"
sampled in "Love Mad" and the visuals for "Spinning Round" on Travelogue DVD

Dyke & The Blazers - Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man, drum break @1:44
sampled in "10x Faster Than The Speed of Love" from 99%

Tangerine Dream - Rubycon (part 1) @0:54 and 1:44
sampled in “Paradise Found”

King of the Zombies (1941) @47:52
Dr. Mikhail Sangre "I am a zombie"
Jefferson "Jeff" Jackson "I am a zombie" (The three times they say it
is probably overdubbed each other on "Zombie")
sampled in "Zombie" from Satyricon

Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972) @7:40
"Alright, no fooling around.  This is for real."
"Dig the music kids"
sampled in "Euthanasia" from Satyricon

Harry Nillson - The Moonbeam Song @2:01
sampled in "Euthanasia" from Satyricon

The Killer Shrews teaser trailer (1959)
"What is the world's most vicious animal?"
sampled in "Untold Stories" from Satyricon
Jack must have been watching a B-movie marathon while writing this 
track.  This movie is pretty funny too.  The "shrews" are basically 
dogs with bathmats taped to them.  MST3K did an episode with this one.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire
"I am the god of hellfire and a I bring you!"
sampled in "Fire Number 9" from Peel Sessions

Cabaret Voltaire - Obsession @0:05
sampled in "1979" from Subliminal Sandwich

Freddie Hubbard & Ilhan Mimaroglu - Sing Me a Song of Songmy,
"Threnody for Sharon Tate" and "This Is Combat I Know/The Crowd"
"Love me"
"Give me love"
"Give me love so that I can kill"
"She's unreal"
sampled in "She's Unreal" and "Stereophrenic" from Subliminal Sandwich

Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This
"Alright he's scratching it right now"
sampled in "Untitled x 2" from Free Piece Suite

The Meters - Cissy Strut, shout
sampled in "The Water Margin" from At The Center

Tangerine Dream - Kiew Mission @0:00 and 0:35
sampled in "Track 9" clearly @2:02 and 2:30 with some serious musique concrete manipulation afterwards from Electronic Music from Tapelab



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