[Zombies] Sample Addendum (E.T.C.)

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Mon Mar 2 10:25:46 PST 2009

Hi there fellow Zombies,

Found some nice 99% era sample sources:

Wavy Gravy Volume 1: For Adult Enthusiasts, 17 "Preacher", 19 
"Chaingang Women", and 29 "Psychedelic Circus"
"Somebody give the Lord a handclap"
"Those innocent fun games of the hallucination generation"
"Psychedelic circus"
"When you leave, take me with you"
sampled in "All The Things You Are", "Hallucination Generation", 
and "Love Mad"
This used to be a bootleg record of odd rock'n'roll from the 50's 
that had exploitation film trailers made for radio at the beginning 
of each track.
"Preacher" I believe is a snippet from the televaneglist program also sampled in DHS's "House of God"
"Chaingang Women" is a radio trailer for the exploitation film 
"Chain Gang Women" (below)
"Psychedelic Circus" is a radio trailer for the film "Hallucination 
You can download the whole album here:

Chain Gang Women (1971) trailer @0:22
"When you leave, take me with you"
sampled in "Love Mad" and the visuals for "Spinning Round" on Travelogue DVD



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