[Zombies] Samples Addendum

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Sun Feb 22 10:45:26 PST 2009

Hi there fellow Zombies,

Found two nice little sample spots with some audio/visual to go with it, thought I'd share:

Freddie Hubbard & Ilhan Mimaroglu - Sing Me a Song of Songmy, 
"Threnody for Sharon Tate" and "This Is Combat I Know/The Crowd"
"Love me"
"Give me love"
"Give me love so that I can kill"
"She's unreal"
sampled in "She's Unreal" and "Stereophrenic" from Subliminal Sandwich

King of the Zombies (1941) @47:52
Dr. Mikhail Sangre "I am a zombie"
Jefersson "Jeff" Jackson "I am a zombie" (The three times they say it 
is probably overdubbed each other on "Zombie")
sampled in "Zombie" from Satyricon



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