[Zombies] Samples (Version Galore part 6)

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Tue Feb 17 20:30:54 PST 2009

Still ON FIRE . . . ON FIRE . . .

I think this will be my last little "version galore" post unless I find something particularly interesting in the future.  I hope all of you enjoyed seeing and hearing where some of your favorite MBM "quotes" and sounds came from and realized just how diverse Jack's tastes and influences are.  I had fun finding them.

Marilyn Monroe - You'd Be Surprised @2:56
"This one's a real danger."
sampled in versions of "Strap Down"

Our Man Flint (1965) @5:18
"My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions."
sampled in "Reanimator (part 1)" from Storm the Studio

Radio Bikini (1988) @6:33 and 9:47, 1st clip; beginning of 2nd clip
original footage I believe is taken from US Army film "Crossroads"
"Well now then James will you tell them that the United States 
government now wants to turn this great destructive force into 
something good for mankind, something good for mankind, something 
good for mankind."
(Bikini islander speaking)
"By means of electrical transcription, we bring you the first in a 
series of programs previewing the atom bomb experiments in the 
Marshall Islands."
"One of the most important and one of the most dramatic elements 
concerned with the dropping of the bomb is the photographic 
"How many cameras are going to be used on this operation here?"
"Uh, they'll be a hundred and four still cameras and two hundred 
and eight motion picture cameras."
"Well, some of our statisticians have computed that we're going to 
make as many pictures in the first, uh, several seconds as are made 
in eleven Hollywood productions."
"That's a lot of footage.  What would it in, uh, weight?"
"We brought over eighteen tons, so we have enough."
sampled in "Reanimator (part 2)" from Storm the Studio

Rather large conjecture, but I believe the severly edited and 
distorted orchestral parts in "Reanimator (part 2)" from Storm the 
Studio are from the soundtrack by John Barry to the Bond film "From 
Russia with Love", the piece titled "007".  You can hear elements 
of the main melody from "007" in "Reanimator (part 2)" but is very 
distorted, so not positive on this.

Apocalypse Now (1979) @8:46
"Extreme prejudice"
sampled in "Reanimator (part 3)" from Storm the Studio

"I Got the Fear (part 3)", "I Got the Fear (part 4)", and "Untitled (drum machine test)" samples a live performance by Roger Troutman of Zapp and Roger on a talkbox
High pitched talkbox squeal at beginning of "I Got the Fear (part 4)"
"Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, everybody wait one second.  Let me tell you one thing.  You are number one."

A Clockwork Orange (1971) @2:16, 2:20
Alex screaming
sampled in "Helter Skelter"

Hallucination Generation (1966)
"Those innocent fun games of the hallucination generation"
"Psychedelic circus"
sampled in Hallucination Generation from 99%
Here's the trailer to the film, sorry, couldn't find the actual clip.

Fingers Inc. - My House (Acapella)
"In the beginning Jack had a groove and from this groove came the 
groove of all grooves"
sampled in "DV8"

Radio Bikini (1988) @5:32
"Experiment provides experience.  Experience fortifies theory.  
Knowledge is power.  Then way is clear.  The challenge strong.  The 
duty inescapable.  We must have the facts.  Common sense calls for 
the facts."
sampled in "DV8"

Outer Limits (1963), Episode 14, "The Zanti Misfits"
sampled for the visuals in recent live shows, "She's Unreal" on the Travelogue DVD



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