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Stanley Unwin - Rotatey Diskers with Unwin, "Hi-de-Fido"
"Listen for the echold: Here we have a voice, slightly remood and ricochail back from a flat surfeit surfaces. Sixty doo-beel decail or time, falollop back through your own eardroves and to the brainbocker for an echo inspirail" @1:12
sampled in "Listen for the Echo" from Loudness Clarifies
Howard Menger - Authentic Music from Another Planet, "Narration by Howard Menger"
"The music that has been recorded on"
"This record has come to me from outer space. I have been instructed by a person from another planet to bring this music to the attention of the people on this earth. I have had direct contact with people from other planets and have spoken with them on many occasions. I have ridden in their spaceships. They have taken me to their planets and brought me back to earth again several times. I have seen how they live, what they wear, what they eat, and how they look"
"This shall all be proven at the proper time. Now getting back to the music that has come to me from another planet. One day while driving along in my car, I suddenly noticed that I had no control of the car whatsoever. I kept riding for miles through the countryside under the direction of a higher intelligence. I knew that my car and I were being assisted by someone from outer space"
"I was entranced"
sampled in "Explanation..." from Music from Planetarium
The Tingler (1959)
Introduction by director William Castle
William Castle, "Some people are more sensitive to these mysterious electronic impulses than others. These uh . . unfortunate sensitive people will at times feel a strange tingling sensation. Others will feel it less strongly. But don’t be alarmed, you can protect yourself. At any time you are conscious of a tingling sensation, you may obtain immediate relief by screaming. Don’t be embarrassed about opening your mouth and letting rip with all you’ve got"
(This film is worth watching just to see Vincent Prince tripping on LSD)
sampled in "Oolaa (Meat Beat Manifesto Mutation)" remix from Orbital’s ‘Mutations’
You’ll Find Out (1940)
Kay Kyser and His Orchestra
Harry Babbitt on a Sonovox @0:37
sampled in the visuals for "EBN - 3:7:8" from Telecommunication Breakdown
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_H4b7_eZNM @1:20

More Travelogue DVD spots:
Mariah Carey - Someday music video
high pitched scream @3:47
sampled in the visuals for "I Am Electro" from the Travelogue DVD
EBN - Get Down, Get Down
It Conquered the World (1956)
two guys in lab coats sitting in front of equipment @1:32
flying saucer about to plow into mountain side @3:25
sampled in the visuals for "God O.D." from the Travelogue DVD
Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Boris Karloff as The Monster, smoking a cigar
in "Southern States" from the Travelogue DVD
Sincerely Yours (1955)
Liberace as Anthony Warrin, "I’m deaf, stone deaf"
sampled in the visuals for "No Purpose, No Design" from the Travelogue DVD
For a VERY dramatic scene
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1994)
Theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore playing the theremin
Inventor of the theremin Leon Theremin playing his invention
Musician Paul Shure playing the theremin
rotating theremin
sampled in the visuals for "She’s Unreal" from the Travelogue DVD
This Is Elvis (1981)
woman saying "Should not be on television"
man saying "Vulgar performances"
Chairman of the Alabama White Citizens Council
"Vulgar animalistic"
"Rock ‘n’ roll boff"
sampled in the visuals for "Helter Skelter" from the Travelogue DVD
Network (1976)
Faye Dunaway as Diana Christensen, "Television!"
sampled in the visuals for "Helter Skelter" from the Travelogue DVD
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes trailer (1963)
Harold J. Stone as Dr. Sam Brant
defenestration falling death @2:10
sampled in the visuals for "Edge of No Control" from the Travelogue DVD
Bedazzled (1967)
Eleanor Bron as Margaret
Michael Bates as Inspector Clarke
shoeing flies away
Peter Cook as George Spiggott / The Devil, the voice of second cartoon fly, altered, "Here I come Stanley"
Dudley Moore as Stanley Moon, the voice of first cartoon fly, altered, "I can’t with these terrible fly’s lips"
sampled in the visuals for "Prime Audio Soup" from the Travelogue DVD
Deliverance (1972)
Burt Reynolds as Lewis Medlock @3:10
Billy Joel Redden as Lonnie
sampled in the visuals for the credits from the Travelogue DVD


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