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Hi fellow zombies,
Back again briefly.
As you can see I've gone the extra mile tracking down some of the choicest samples.  I guarantee a couple of these will put a smile on your face and make you wonder, "How the hell'd he figure that one out?"
The Cookie Crew - Females (Get on Up)
"Yes!" @3:40
sampled in "God O.D. (part 1)" from Storm the Studio

Prince - Alphabet St.
sampled in "God O.D. (part 1)" from Storm the Studio
The video sans audio
The Exorcist (1973)
This becomes quite entertaining if you are able to sync up the audio on God O.D. (part 3) with the video.
Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil, scream, "I don’t want it! I don’t . . wait! I don’t want it! You fucking bastard!"
Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil, "Regan, honey, it’s to help you. Hold still honey , hold still babe"
Barton Heyman as Dr. Klein, "Hold her still, please, hold her still. Please, Regan, calm down, it’s just a little prick" @6:49
sampled in "God O.D. (part 3)" @3:54 from Storm the Studio
Linda Blair, "Mother please!"
Barton Heyman, "Mrs. MacNeil, Dr. Taney"
Linda Blair, "Please mother make it stop!"
Ellen Burstyn, "What is it? What’s happening?"
Linda Blair, "It’s burning! It’s burning!"
Ellen Burstyn, "Do something doctor, please help her"
Linda Blair, "Mother! Please mother! Make it stop! He’s trying to kill! Mother! Moth . . make it!", demon growl
Barton Heyman, "Alright, maybe let’s see what the . . ."
Ellen Burstyn, "Oh Regan!"
Linda Blair / Mercedes McCambridge as the voice of the demon, "Keep away! This hour’s mine! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!", screaming
Barton Heyman, "My bag!" "Hurry up, hurry up! Hurry up!"
Ellen Burstyn, scream @3:34
sampled in "God O.D. (part 3)" @4:30 from Storm the Studio and "Untitled 5" @2:54 from Archive Things
(Important: Play Twice Before Listening)
Rock and Roll: The Early Days (1984)
"Rock and roll is a river of music"
"Rock and roll music is an art form"
"Rock and roll is here to stay" @1:10
Little Richard - Tutti Frutti, music playing in the background, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFq5O2kabQo
"Rock and roll is cool dad-" @9:04
"I think he’s fabulous"
"He’s the king"
"What do you think of Elvis?"
"Oh, he’s just great"
"Is that all? Just great?"
"No, it’s everything!"@15:39
Elvis Presley - Mystery Train, music playing in the background, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_eE0NPArEY
sampled in "Re-Animator (part 4)" from Storm the Studio
Reverend Jimmy Snow @27:26
"I know what it does to you. And I, I know the evil feeling that you feel when you sing it. I know the, the lost position that you get into and the beat. Well, if you talk to the average teenager of today and you ask them what it is about rock ‘n’ roll music that they like and they’ll the first thing that they’ll say is the beat, the beat, the beat"
Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Sixteen, music playing in the background, http://www.wat.tv/video/chuck_berry_sweet_little_sixteen_1e76v_k0rs_.html
sampled in "Strap Down (part 3)" from Storm the Studio and "Radio Babylon" from Live ‘05
Chairman of the Alabama White Citizens Council @28:43
"Vulgar animalistic"
"Rock ‘n’ roll boff"
sampled in "Helter Skelter" from Live ‘05 and the Travelogue Live ‘05 DVD
Ministry - Nature of Love
sampled in "I Got the Fear (part 1)" from Storm the Studio
UFO (1970), Episode 2, "Exposed"
Space Intruder Detector (SID)
"Range twenty million miles" @2:25
sampled in "Give Your Body Its Freedom" from Armed Audio Warfare
BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Out of This World: Atmospheric Sounds and Effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, "John Baker - Venusian Space Lab"
Also known under the title "Tomorrow’s World" from BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC Radiophonic Music.
sampled in "Original Control (version 2)" from Satyricon and "I Am Electro" from Original Fire
"Delia Derbyshire - Dreaming"
This is the original composition which forms the basis for "Delia Derbyshire with Brian Hodgson - John Peel’s Voice" from John Peel Presents Top Gear
You can download an mp3 of this track on Delia Derbyshire’s website:
sampled in "Fire Number 9" from Peel Sessions at the very end
You might also recognize a sample used by The Future Sound of London on "Among Myselves" from their album Lifeforms, "Malcolm Clarke - Andromeda War Machine".
Gil Melle - The Andromeda Strain (Original Electronic Soundtrack), "The Piedmont Elegy"
sampled in "Fire Number 9" from Peel Session and "DHS - Bad Acid (Jack Dangers remix)"
The Andromeda Strain (1971)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab0woEupW90 @4:27
DHS - Bad Acid
If You Turn On - Side 2
A KNXT television broadcast on drug abuse, with news anchorman Jerry Dunphy, Carol Burnett, Greg Morris, Arte Johnson; comments by medical experts and a group of Southern California youngsters. Edited from the original broadcast presented April 1, 1970.
". . . is that they take the whole thing and they blow it out of proportion and they don’t see that it’s a whole . . . it’s just a whole life pattern. I started way before. I started at eleven, at ten I started smoking cigarettes and drinking wine, and at nine I started fighting, and in the third grade I started robbing the school, and it’s all the same thing. It’s just a whole life pattern of self-destructive . . . it’s just a self destructive pattern. And I was crying out for help. . ."
sampled in "Electric People" from Subliminal Sandwich
Unfortunately this site only has Side 1, it contains a sample I recognize from live performances in the mid-90's.
"I don’t know, just, you know, speaking for myself, um, you know, if"
"My brain was dripping out my ear, you know, it wouldn’t really matter, you know, I’d just kind of stuff it back in" @9:40
Thomas Alva Edison - Edison Speaks, "Introductory Speech by Thomas Alva Edison at Opening of the New York Electrical Show, October 3, 1908"
"When I look around at the resources of the electrical field today, I feel that I would be glad to begin again my work as an electrician, an inventor. And we veterans can only urge upon our successors"
sampled in "Simulacra" @5:03 from Subliminal Sandwich
Electricity and progress
(Important: Play Twice Before Listening)
Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World (1980), "U.F.O.s", November 4, 1980
Bob Taylor Dechmont Forrest close encounter, 1979
his wife Mrs. Mary Taylor @3:55
"He looked terrible when he came in the door and he just stood at the door, and I said ‘Have you had an accident with your lorry?’ and he said, ‘No, I’ve been attacked’ and I said, ‘What with?’ and he said, ‘A spaceship’ and I said, ‘Oh goodness me, there no such thing as a spaceship. I’m going to phone the doctor. You must have fell and hurt your head"
sampled in "Electric People (Version version)" and "Lovefingers"
Tom Dissevelt - Syncopation @2:53
Also known under the U.S. title "Orbit Aurora"
Finally, someone posted this on youtube, great track, some of the earliest popular electronic music.
sampled in "Prime Audio Soup" from Actual Sounds + Voices
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV4Qblq5GM0 @2:12, pitched up and down
Vladimir Ussachevsky - Film Music, "Line of Apogee (part 7)"
"The path to light lies through darkness"
"Darkness is difficult. Pathfinders of hue"
"Come into the light. I am with you"
Line of Apogee (1968)
soundtrack to an avant-garde film by Lloyd Williams
sampled in "Spinning Round" from R.U.O.K?
Mobb Deep - Just Step Prelude
Havoc from Mobb Deep
"You know moves I never fake" @0:31
sampled in "What Does It All Mean?" from R.U.O.K?
Graffiti Rock (1984), Pilot
host Michael Holman, slowed down
"Alright he’s scratching it right now" @1:16
DJ Jimmie Jaz scratching
World’s Famous Supreme Team - Hey D.J., music playing in the background, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHMVkqCKknc
sampled in "Untitled x2" from Free Piece Suite
You can tell all your Beastie Boys fan friends where this is from too.
Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This
No Limits (1985-1987)
BBC2 pop music/travel show
Jenny Powell
"Not an inspiring chart. Thank goodness for the No Limits Powerplays"
sampled in "Kneel and Buzz" from Archive Things

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