[Zombies] Samples (Version Galore part 9)

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Wow, that Herbie Hancock sample for Genocide and Psycho-Out:  how the hell 
did you find that one out.  It's awesome nonetheless.  Better sped up :)


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Hi fellow Zombies,

Thought I'd post another sample spotting installment since things are quiet

Herbie Hancock - A Rain Dance
intro ARP synthesizer line sped-up
sampled in "Genocide" and "Psyche-Out" from Armed Audio Warfare and 99%

James Brown - Hot Pants
"one, two, three, unh!"
sampled in "Mr. President" from Armed Audio Warfare

Air Force 1 - See The Light / Feel The Heat
originally taken from media audio of Ronald Reagan
"Give it to them"
sampled in "Dogstar Man / Helter Skelter" from 99%

This a Spanish commercial which uses a track by electronic music
pioneer Tom Dissevelt called "Vibrations", but also contains a
small sound effect snippet over the Longines logo @0:57 from his
track "Syncopation".  This is the same sound effect used in "Prime
Audio Soup" which is pitched up and down in succession for its
signature sci-fi-ish ambient effect.  The sample is more apparent
if you listen to the Herbaliser remix.

Fiorello H. La Guardia reading comic strips @1:26
"And say children, what does it all mean?"
sampled in "What Does It All Mean?" from R.U.O.K?

Bob James - Nautilus @3:31
sampled in Tino's "Basic Rudiments"

Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy video @0:35
sampled in visuals for "No Purpose, No Design" on the Travelogue DVD



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