[Zombies] "Less" remixes by Velapene Screen

Digital::Nimbus pietrobot at digitalnimbus.com
Wed Sep 24 10:11:17 PDT 2008

Speaking of remixes...

A friend of mine, Velapene Screen (http://www.myspace.com/velapene),
recently remixed "Less" from Autoimmune and was able to cull 4-tracks
from the sound files he received --two of them can be heard in the
following Digital::Nimbus archives:

Digital::Nimbus Show #302
Playlist: http://digitalnimbus.com/playlists/dn_playlist.php?ShowID=302
Stream: http://digitalnimbus.net/archive/sept_2008/dn_302.m3u
Start of remix: 26m-30s

Digital::Nimbus Show #300
Playlist: http://digitalnimbus.com/playlists/dn_playlist.php?ShowID=300
Stream: http://digitalnimbus.net/archive/sept_2008/dn_300.m3u
Start of remix: 1h-22m-20s


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