[Zombies] Bad News - Austin Show Cancelled

psyche out djpsycheout at hotmail.com
Sun May 4 20:58:23 PDT 2008

I drove in from San Antonio to see this show and was really disappointed that they cancelled.... but I COMPLETELY understand. The venue was totally inadequate for their needs.
oh well... maybe they'll pop back around later this year....

Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 17:26:36 -0700From: god_od2002 at yahoo.comTo: zombies at hollyfeld.orgSubject: [Zombies] Bad News - Austin Show CancelledWe have some bad news, MBM has canceled the show in Austin tonight. There were some technical difficulties at the venue. Obviously, the band is really disappointed and is very sorry. They love Austin and were really looking forward to the show. 

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