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  details of the planet mu releases have just been posted up on

Artists: Meat Beat Manifesto
Title: Lonely Soldier
Buy this at BLEEP
Format: 12"
Released: Mar 23, 2008

12" Tracklist
a1. Lonely Soldier (Remix)
a2. Hellfire
b1. Guns 'n' Lovers (Remix)

Artists: Meat Beat Manifesto
Title: Autoimmune
Buy this at BLEEP
Format: CD / 2x12"
Released: Apr 7, 2008

CD Tracklist
1. I Hold The Mic!
2. Children Of Earth
3. House Of Unique Stink
4. (Live) And Direct (Live)
5. Less
6. Lonely Soldier
7. Spanish Vocoder
8. Return To Bass
9. Guns 'n' Lovers
10. Hellfire (Remix)

  different tracklisting for uk release of the album! looks like we lose out
on solid waste / young cassius / 62 dub / colors of sound / both
international + international reprise. but we do get "house of unique stink"
(good title) and "(live) and direct (live)", plus we get the remix of
hellfire on the album instead of the album version (which is on the 12") -

  i can only presume that the planet mu release is more dubstep focused,
since planet mu is a respected label in the uk dubstep scene. seems like the
tracks we're missing out on are the more upbeat tracks, and the
interludes... think i'm just gonna have to buy the us version + download the
extra uk tracks off bleep.
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