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hey zombies!
  i'm the guy that made the "tino's blends" mix that aired on digital nimbus
a few months back (cheers pietro!). i uploaded it at the time to
http://www.themixingbowl.org - a torrent site dedicated to non-commercial dj
mixes that i help run, went down a storm on there (and in fact it was Mix Of
The Week only last week!). my plan was to get a small cd run pressed up to
sell for cheap as well, but i never really got round to it, got stuck
sorting the artwork out as that's not really my forte at all... shame really
as jack + ben both really loved the mix - one of my proudest moments was
getting an email full of praise from jack, since i've been a huge fan of MBM
since the satyricon days. in fact jack + ben both said they would love to
release the mix on a proper cd but it would be a legal nightmare to get all
the vocal tracks cleared...

  so i've just uploaded an mp3 of the mix to a bit of webspace that i've got
on the mixingbowl's servers, i'm not really supposed to publicise downloads
from there as it's taking bandwidth from the main site, but as long as it's
only a few people downloading from there it should be ok. link is:
it's a zipped folder containing the mp3, a tracklist txt file, and a
sheet for splitting it up into individual tracks to burn to cd.

  so did anyone from the zombies list hear the mix when it was aired? what
did you all think? it's kinda taking tino in a bit of a different direction,
much more hip-hop based, their music works so well as backing tracks for
MCs. just wish there was some new tino material released sometime, i'd love
to do a volume 2!!

  (ps, i used to be well active on this list back in the day, like 10 yrs
ago - so if anyone remembers a uk zombie from around that time, hi!)


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> Has anyone "found" that Tino-mix that was aired on Digital Nimbus months
> ago ? I thought it was going to be available for download somewhere, but
> never got my hands on it. Pointers are welcome.
> dv8
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