[Zombies] Subliminal Backwards Masking in MBM

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Thu Feb 28 11:25:41 PST 2008

Hi all Zombies,

While everyone is gearing up for the new album and tour, I've got a quick question for anyone who has looked into this kind of thing.

On track 6 "99%" from the album of the same name, has anyone ever tried to determine what is actually said backwards on that 19 second clip?  I remember trying to do this in my high school days by recording it to a tape and taking apart the casing, fliping the reels, thus having the audio play backwards.  Unfortunately, it was too muffled on my recording, but could make out a man articulating something with birdsong in the background.  I know there exists audio software that can do this now, except I don't have any.



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