[Zombies] question regarding rare tracks...

Keith Clancy dubwave303 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 09:44:46 PST 2008

Okay let me see if i can add anything else to what Jon
has said.

> there's simularaca (part 2) from 1994, and then
> (part
> 1) from 1995. I wonder how different these are from
> each other and from the cut from Subliminal
> Sandwich.
> both are in the 7 minute range, only a minute
> shorter
> than the subliminal album version...which makes me
> think even more why one is called "part 2" and "part
> 1" and why 2 came before 1...ahhhhh

Thses are both more like slight re-edits or versions
then completely new songs. Version 1 features a great
"news" sample of sorts that was also in a remix Jack
did for Consolidated - Butryic Acid. but if you like
the song both are worth tracking down.

> not playing god (funny noises mix)
> the name of this sounds familiar. this must be a
> remix. on an obscure japaense comp

If i remeber right on this one it is actually a remix
of a Mellowtrons song off a comp.  think this was it
(though this is just the sampler) 

 > "travelogue 1- nyc to hawaii" and "travelogue 2"
> which
> are both on a dj spooky mix cd. probably not worth
> checking out.
  these are just the remixes Jack did that are on this

> there's "structures (version) " which also has an
> exclusive tino track (vice versa dub) on the comp as
> well
 Great comp, structures seems the same, though the
Tino is new version

> "eclectic people" which may or may not be a
> mislabled
> "electric people" . this is 5:27 in length, nearly
> 10
> mins shorter than the subliminal sandwhich version.
> there's a "electric people (jack dangers mix) " on
> another comp that is 5:18 in length. the electric
> people (version) from the unreleased 12" of nuclear
> bomb is 5:27 in length, so that may in fact be the
> "eclectic people" track. Or, the ep (version) that
> has
> been floating around on the net may be mislabled and
> is "eclectic people" 
 Okay as far as i know the version of Electric People
that appears on this
http://www.discogs.com/release/234275  is the one that
was featured on the original Nuclear Bomb 12" (was
also the one that was used when played live). There's
some mp3's of the 12" that has been floating around
for sometime now online, they are the same (Electric
People (Version, Version = Jack Dangers Remix)
  Now the one that is also on this other comp that has
been submitted to discogs
http://www.discogs.com/release/1193212 i am assuming
is the same, Electric People (Version Versions) but i
don't have it so i can't confirm.

hope this helps a bit

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