[Zombies] question regarding rare tracks...

sEaN G a_park_too_dark at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 20:22:53 PST 2008

anyone heard these?
doing a bit more research on rare MBM tracks, dug up a
few more:
there's simularaca (part 2) from 1994, and then (part
1) from 1995. I wonder how different these are from
each other and from the cut from Subliminal Sandwich.
both are in the 7 minute range, only a minute shorter
than the subliminal album version...which makes me
think even more why one is called "part 2" and "part
1" and why 2 came before 1...ahhhhh

not playing god (funny noises mix)
the name of this sounds familiar. this must be a
remix. on an obscure japaense comp

"babylon burning (version galore) " but something
tells me that's just a mislabeled radio babylon
(version galore) mix

"travelogue 1- nyc to hawaii" and "travelogue 2" which
are both on a dj spooky mix cd. probably not worth
checking out.

there's "structures (version) " which also has an
exclusive tino track (vice versa dub) on the comp as

"eclectic people" which may or may not be a mislabled
"electric people" . this is 5:27 in length, nearly 10
mins shorter than the subliminal sandwhich version.
there's a "electric people (jack dangers mix) " on
another comp that is 5:18 in length. the electric
people (version) from the unreleased 12" of nuclear
bomb is 5:27 in length, so that may in fact be the
"eclectic people" track. Or, the ep (version) that has
been floating around on the net may be mislabled and
is "eclectic people" 

there's "the woods" which more than likely is just an
edited portion of "mad bomber/the woods" . alone, it
stands over 4 mins while with mad bomber it's over 10

and, probably the most interesting thing that I found:
"source of uncertainty: 1996 " . this compliation came
out in 1999, interesting.

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