[Zombies] archive volume2?

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Sun Feb 10 10:53:21 PST 2008

well, given there's still a bunch of stuff from those early years i'd
like to see an archive 2 of more stuff from then - some more perennial
divide material (the vocal version of the album?), other mixes of
those early 12" releases.

perhaps a two-CD reissue of Storm the Studio with all of the Strap
Downs and I Got the Fears together at last for the first time...

maybe some reissue CD singles of I Got the Fear (with all those pesky
7" remixes!), Strap Down, God O.D, etc...

then for 88-98, wow, there's tons of stuff there, but a comprehensive
music video collection would be nice as well!

On Feb 10, 2008 8:21 AM, sEaN G <a_park_too_dark at yahoo.com> wrote:
> so, the arvhice release is a fucking awesome idea.
> what would people like on a volume 2, assuming and
> hoping jack puts out another one?
> 89-99 would be sweet. alternate and early versions of
> tracks from the albums from that era. and most
> importantly, remastered tracks from the nuclear bomb
> 12" inlcuding love mad 93!
> any other bits and goodies you guys can come up with?
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