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If I don't see Austin added to that list, heads are gonna roll! :)

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                                       February 7 , 2008

                                                      MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO
Announces Tour                Dates
Gearing Up For The Release of                AUTOIMMUNE
Release Date: April 8,                2008

               San                Francisco, CA - Seminal electronic band MEAT BEAT                MANIFESTO (MBM) has just announced live dates, supporting                the release of its new album Autoimmune                on Metropolis Records on                April 8, 2008. Known for both its groundbreaking                albums and dynamic and awe-inspiring multimedia live shows, MBM's                2008 kickoff will be quite the event. "The live                performance has become an integral component of my sound and                production," sound sculptor and producer                extraordinaire Jack Danger explains.                "The question is how to do it better than last time.                And outbest                himself, he undoubtedly will.
               Tour                dates are as follow:
                                                                    April 9                   Neumos                   Seattle, WA                                    April                      10                   Barbati's Pan                   Portland, OR                                    April                      11                   Slim's                   San                      Francisco, CA                                    April                      12                   El Rey Theatre                   Los                      Angeles, CA                                    April                      13                   Canes Bar & Grill                   San                      Diego, CA                                    April                      19                   The Abbey                   Chicago, IL                                    April                      21                   Grog Shop                   Cleveland Heights, OH                    
                April                      24                   Middle East - Downstairs                   Cambridge, MA                                    April                      26                   Highline Ballroom                   New                      York NY                                    April                      27                   The Rock & Roll Hotel                   Washington, DC                                    April                      28                   Cat's Cradle                   Carrboro, NC                                    May                      2                   Warehouse Live                   Houston, TX                                    May                      4                   Granada Theater                   Dallas,                      TX
More dates to be                announced!                
                                                                                         "Intriguing and intimidating
Dangers'                      cultural osterizing evolves to the nth degree of studio                      sophistication... " - ROLLING STONE                      
                     "Without MBM's groundbreaking amalgams of                      hip-hop and industrial dance music, modern dance music                      genres such as Big Beat and Drum & Bass wouldn't                      exist...one of Britain's most inventive practitioners of                      sampladelic funk." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS                      
                     "A true innovator, MBM main man Jack Dangers                      helped lay down the rules for dub-inflected electronica,                      throwing down heavy breaks atop challenging experimental                      sound" - CMJ
                     "The sounds of futuristic riddims that both                      predate electronic genre nicknames and mock their ideals;                      one that may be defined purely by its sphere of influence on                      modern music
" - URB                  
               MBM is continually                evolving, staying three steps ahead of the music scene. Its tenth                album pushes musical boundaries further than it has before,                creating a masterpiece of dubstep and electronica in                Autoimmune. Kicking off with the aural collage                "International," Jack assembles vocal samples and                arranges them artfully atop a funky dub sway beat, creating a                tapestry that hints at the sonic textures further within. On                "I Hold the Mic!," guest vocalist Daddy                Sandy's toasting weaves in and out of MBM's futuristic                soundscapes.The techno-tinged "Spanish Vocoder"                pushes his early techno roots, propelling the dance beats into                mesmerizing heights. Bay Area rapper Azeem takes                control of the mic on "Young Cassius", a perfect                melding of urban hiphop and electronic
 jazz. "Every                record is different," Jack explains,                "and in this record I focused on what I like to do                versus what other people like me to do: beats, bass and                distortion." 
                              An acknowledged innovator in the                electronic music scene, Jack Dangers continues to stretch sonic                boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists. As a                premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a                seminal role in defining tomorrows' music today. Past and current                Dangers' production/remixing projects include: Public                Enemy, David Bowie, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Bush,                Depeche Mode, Tower of Power, The Bee Gees and DJ                Spooky & Dave Lombardo (Slayer). MBM also                contributed the track "Suicide" to the                top-selling soundtrack to Underworld: Evolution                and Jack's remix of Tower Of                Power's "What Is Funk?" was nominated                for a Grammy in 2006. 

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                                                                                                              Rey Roldan                      
(201) 223-9078
rey at reybee.com

                                                             Gary                      Strack
(610) 462-6525
gary at reybee.com

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