[Zombies] two new albums by me

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Thanks for the heads up :)

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hi zombies.

i just wanted to drop a line regarding some music i've been working on...

"end of days"  - this is me going back to my roots, which means 80's
synthpop/new wave.  think human league, gary numan, etc.  mark pistel
plays guitar on "don't worry baby"!  this is all songs with lyrics
(mostly sung by a lovely girl named Samantha Lien) so if that's not
your cup of tea, skip ahead...  preview tracks and links to buy at

"neither living nor dead" - abstract/experimental electronics.  lots
of electro beats, fat breaks, deeply mangled and twisted electronic
and organic textures.  ranges from weird and freaky to pretty chilled
out.  no vocals (except the occasional spoken word sample).  i just
put it on amiestreet a few minutes ago, which means that right now
it's absolutely free!

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