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Thanks much Jon! Grabbing it now for a listen.> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 16:39:10 -0800> From: jdrukman at gmail.com> To: zombies at hollyfeld.org> Subject: [Zombies] two new albums by me> > hi zombies.> > i just wanted to drop a line regarding some music i've been working on...> > "end of days"  - this is me going back to my roots, which means 80's> synthpop/new wave.  think human league, gary numan, etc.  mark pistel> plays guitar on "don't worry baby"!  this is all songs with lyrics> (mostly sung by a lovely girl named Samantha Lien) so if that's not> your cup of tea, skip ahead...  preview tracks and links to buy at> http://basskittens.com/> > "neither living nor dead" - abstract/experimental electronics.  lots> of electro beats, fat breaks, deeply mangled and twisted electronic> and organic textures.  ranges from weird and freaky to pretty chilled> out.  no vocals (except the occasional spoken word sample).  i just> put it on amiestreet a few minutes ago, which means that right now> it's absolutely free!> http://amiestreet.com/music/bass-kittens/neither-living-nor-dead/> > enjoy.> -jsd-> _______________________________________________> Zombies mailing list> Zombies at hollyfeld.org> http://www.hollyfeld.org/mailman/listinfo/zombies
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