[Zombies] RE: I have a confession...

Kent eat.a.burrito at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 09:56:16 PDT 2008

To each their own. Though I don't necessarily enjoy all of his work, I
admire Jack's versatility, imagination, and explorations. If I felt he
were just trying styles and sounds because they were the current
'thing' to sell records, I'd be turned off (not that I think that's
why you prefer 'old school'). All of his releases and remixes I've
heard have his distinct sonic signature, and strike me as an outlet
for an extremely independent, creative individual.

I do think people (or enough people to make a general statement) tend
to rut themselves into a musical preference and dismiss a world of
incredible music because it's too different from what they already
like. It took a club to the head to jar me out of my wave/synth-pop
rut some decades ago.

I do think artists often destroy themselves attempting to re-invent
themselves, or more often, selling out to a mainstream audience. Not

I sure as hell wouldn't be without "At The Centre" or "RUOK?".


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>  I've been on this list since the beginning.. what is that, around ten years now?
>  Needless to say i'm a big fan and have been since the second i heard God OD over fifteen years ago..
>  I've disliked (some i've even hated..) every release from MBM that came after Subliminal Sandwich, i
>  just couldn't get into it, and with every release it got worse.. yet i continued to purchase
>  everything from the vinyl to the DVDs to the shirts and even went to a few shows during that 10 year
>  period between AS&V and now.
>  And last week i got Autoimmune.. i'm speechless, this is the MBM i loved, and i'm finally reminded
>  of why i stayed on this list and continued to support Jack Dangers.  This is the record that should
>  have followed SS for me..
>  Regardless, long story short, in my mind Meat Beat Manifesto is back, and so am I.
>  -kiya
>  www.selfedge.com
>  www.anti-yo.com

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