[Zombies] concert pics from highline ballroom (nyc)

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 29 15:18:20 PDT 2008

Wow - nice quality for a phone cam, thank you!
I was there and was wondering what was on the laptop's lit up apple -  
a black cat. That also reminds me - WTF was he doing with the white  
Senn 421mic? Vocoding into something completely unrecognizable as  
voice I'm sure. So yeah, I was there and unfortunately had spent the  
afternoon drinking so I was queasy and stayed back by the doors or  
bathroom (awesome sink in that place's bathroom). I scored the orange  
clock-like t-shirt and totally enjoyed the show. I jotted down the  
first few of the playlist but lost track. I got :

Return To Bass
Spinning Round
Lonely Soldier Dub
something like Spanish Vocoder-ish but with "Watch Television" as the  
samples theme - real cool. Reminded me of EBN.

Helter fuckin Skelter - dude this turned into the heaviest most  
slammin awesome synchopated stomp ever - woah. Looks like SF got the  
same : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UryJGov-bR8
Can't get enough Spock and Kirk.

I Hold the Mic
It's the Music
..then It goes bye-bye - can't remember all or the order.

Original Control
I know Genocide was in there with Jack doing his live vocals throwing  
in the "consequences" stuff in the chorus.
62 Dub
Edge of No Control pt 2 with live vocals - sweet!
some more ....
House of God

and the tribute to the drums starring Lynn and Buddy Rich lol.

I can't forget the video sequence of people falling off stuff, the  
exploding head, and the Rasta rant. Plus "turn on this fuckin  
microphone", and (possibly farting)TV Evangelist Robert Tilton.
The subtle humor is always great.
ie: "It's the Music" is starting, and as Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart is  
saying "dope-filled entertainers and performers", Lynn and Mark start  
pointing fingers at each other and the band....awesome.

I'm sure I saw a bunch of you there - I was mostly at the bar in the  
back nursing Heinekens, 6 foot, tan corduroy coat, short blond hair.  
There was a guy dancing his ass off in the opposite corner by the  
kitchen doors. My man was all about good clean fun getting hit by the  
beats and moving. I heard him comment to another guy who he knew (blue  
dreads, mad zippers all over him and like metal aviation goggles on  
top holding the dreads as a hairband) - saying "what happened to  
everyone - why isn't everyone jumping like crazy to this?" I'm not  
sure I have an answer. Many people were, but most were up front near  
the stage, not in the back row. I felt old cause that used to be me,  
going all-out on the dance floor, knowing not if I looked foolish or  
not...but I was around 21, and out late at clubs, and single, and not  
a Dad...THAT's what happened.
As for me, as time creeps up on me, I actually think things like, "can  
I afford hurting myself in the name of fun? Is "moshing" covered in my  
insurance policy? (other shows) .This encompasses accidents from  
everything from dancing hard and pulling a muscle, getting cut,  
falling, etc...   I personally didn't have enough drinks in me to let  
loose on top of having a hangover from the afternoon session. I just  
absorbed the sounds and images, and then wondered what the hell as we  
got herded out after 1 encore to make room for....something else?  
Something gay? I don't know. There was a line outside to get in with  
all sorts of characters.
Some St. Marks Pizza, and as the rain started, I headed home.
No negatives other than no Solid Waste, and the bass bins could've  
been a little hotter.
I'm at work and shouldn't be writing a novel, so Peace!

On Apr 29, 2008, at 12:53 PM, Ross wrote:

> wish i had brought my canon (sound of head banging against
> wall)...anyway enjoy some pics i was able to capture from my phone.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/bklynboy/sets/72157604793364378/
> cheers,
> ross
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